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Your personal meeting concierge!

It's important that your clients are reminded of your winning experience, and maintain trust in your expertise. Show them your knowledge through education. Take them to dinner to thank them for their business or remind them you are available Your paralegals and administrative assistants have so much to do, but Planner on Call can put a program together.

We can plan your CE meeting, help with legal research and process continuing education. We can also make reservations at a dinner location that gives clients just the right message and makes the whole day memorable.


We're Experts at:

MAKING AN IMPRESSION - for dinner programs, we provide options quickly, and our level of expertise and experience allow us to provide flawless cohesive programs and meetings

ALL THE MAJOR CITIES in the country - and we can be on site.

RESTAURANTS - we know which ones will provide the impression you seek

• How to WOW your attendees! (and provide a level of service you haven't seen before)