Association Management Services

teamIn today's climate, associations need to create new, inventive, time-effecient, (profitable) ways to make the association more valuable than ever to members and supporters. ...And you still have to meticulously attend to "usual" operations. Apex Management & Special Events, Inc. practices this every day. We manage new, developing organizations, those needing to re-invent themselves in order to stay alive, and varying levels in between.

Apex provides innovative association management services and professional, individual attention.

We provide a strong foundation for growth and offer the ideas and energy you need to take your organization to the next level. Apex' greatest strengths are in the areas of marketing, meetings and  operations. We become invested in your organization to ensure you see greater results.

Take a look at some of the management services we provide, and keep in mind we can customize according to your needs. From our headquarters near Chicago, we provide management services all over the globe.

Apex is built on a departmental model by areas of expertise. When we partner with our clients, we assign a team to each client led by an Executive Director or Administrator. Other team members include meeting planners, communications specialists, membership services, as well as finance and other support. Sponsorship, continuing education and certification are other areas we can add support.

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Client Testimonial

“I just wanted to tell you both how refreshing it is to be working with you now.  Even though we have only been working directly with you for a few weeks, I can already tell you are an absolute class act and stand head and shoulders above those I've worked with before.  Thank you both for everything.”